Doing more with Google Forms – GTT049

Matt and Kasey again tackle Google Forms but this time tackle them with a twist!

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Forms Add-Ons

  • What are add-ons?
  • Where to find them in Forms?
  • Difference between add-ons for Forms vs. Sheets
  • Recommended Add-Ons for Forms (We will cover Sheets in another episode!)
    • Form Publisher
    • Choice Eliminator 2
    • Certify ‘Em
    • CheckItOut

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

  • Sean Fahey (via Speakpipe) – Insert a Video into a Google Doc
  • Becca Pierce, NC – First of all, I love your show! I listened to my first show last night and it was so informative! I will definitely be going back to listen to more! Thank you so much for all you do! My question: I recently have been looking into Hyperdocs. I went on the website and saved some of the already created ones to my Drive. One of them is a Google Doc. As the student scrolls down, he can click on these fraction problems. It brings up a smaller screen with a Google Drawings that can be edited. The student draws on some fractions and types answers. I love it! But I can’t seem to recreate this concept. How do you put the editable version of a Google Drawing into a Google Doc (or slide)? Thank you!

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