Empower Teachers with the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast – GTT001

The premiere episode! Meet your hosts Matt Miller and Kasey Bell as they introduce the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast to the world!

In this episode, you will learn what to expect in this new podcast as well as learn about your hosts Matt Miller and Kasey Bell and their journey through the Google Teacher Academy, which was a really great experience for both of them. We also have some Google news and updates to share.

The Google Innovator Academy

(Formerly the Google Teacher Academy) Here is the information about the Innovator Academy, and how you can become a Google Certified Innovator.

The House of EdTech Podcast

Listen to the amazing podcast from our Producer, Chris Nesi, The House of #EdTech Podcast.

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  • Beth Jenkins

    Just listened to your FIRST Google Teacher Tribe podcast. Loved it!! Thanks for all the info.

    • Glad you found value the podcast! We’re happy to have you as a part of the Tribe!

    • Kasey Bell

      Thanks, Beth!!! We are so happy you enjoyed it.

  • Good Work! Looking forward to future episodes.

    • Glad you enjoyed the premiere episode! Consider sharing some audio feedback too! Matt and Kasey want to hear your thoughts!

    • Kasey Bell

      Thanks so much for listening!!! We hope each episode gets better and better.

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