Our Favorite Google Docs Tips & Tricks – GTT017

Matt and Kasey share some of their favorite Google Docs tips and tricks! Learn from us and share your own too.

Google News and Updates (6:07)


Featured Content (13:08)

Matt’s favorite Docs tips and tricks:



Kasey’s favorite Docs tips and tricks:

    • Insert GIF
    • Force a Copy
    • Voice Typing
    • Tagging in Comments
    • Paste & Match Style






Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag (29:20)

  • Paula Frank
  • Arlee Hall

On The Blogs (34:00)

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  • Robin Limpert

    Hi Kasey and Matt,

    I just wanted to share something cool that my 3rd graders are doing using G Suite, thanks to your amazing influence. 🙂

    I have a 3rd student that took what I taught her about using G Suite, specifically from your episode #9 about Google forms and applied it to an “Entrepreneurial” venture! She created a Google form titled- “Eliana’s Summer Pet Sitting and Mail Collection Service” then she had her mother post it to her friends to collect potential customers’ information in a Google Sheet. As you can imagine, I was beaming with pride and thought you would like to hear about this real-life application being made at such a young age. This is proof that if we spend the time to train our kids to use these creative digital tools, they will do remarkable things!

    A little background- I have found that there are so many Chromebooks being added to our classrooms but rarely are there any trainings available on how to use them for student workflow in an efficient way. Most Chromebooks are being used for intermittent internet access because the teachers are not confident using them. So, I wanted to do something to help!

    I spent this school year teaching and developing a curriculum for an elementary version of a “Chrome Squad” for our building. My goal was to develop a resource to train kids to use G Suite using basic language that kids can understand. I have a “Kids Teaching Kids” type of program which has now evolved into my kids actually teaching our busy teachers to use Google tools as well.

    I started with 10 kids and now have over 30 kids in our Chrome Squad. If you are interested, I can get you more information on my ebook coming out over the summer- “Chromebooks for kids- Training your Elementary Chrome Squad”.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Cheryl Taylor

    Hi I am in the process of taking the Google Certified Educator course my question and although there are a few tricks I am learning in each module, I have been using GOOGLE for three years now with my students. Am I taking the correct course? Do you need to become a certified educator before becoming a trainer? After completing the modules is there a fee for the exam? Does the exam have to be taken in one sitting? How long is the exam? Can it be taken anytime?

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