#GAFE4littles with Christine Pinto – GTT006

Christine Pinto teaches kindergarten believes that even our youngest learners can think critically and create with Google Apps.


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'We can't make assumptions abt what our Ss can & cant do. Give them a chance!' @jmattmiller

Christine Pinto teaches kindergarten for Arcadia Unified, which is located in southern California. She is the founder of #GAfE4Littles, which stands for Google Apps for Education for Little Kids (primary aged students).

Pinto, Google Certified Educator (Level 1),  believes that all kids, even our youngest learners can think critically and create with Google Apps.

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  • Amber Harper

    Christina Pinto never ceases to inspire and showcase the abilities of littles. As a first grade teacher, I seek out all things Google and littles and the fact that she is a first year teacher, trying, failing, and sharing out her great ideas is a breath of fresh air! Great job, @PintoBeaz11. You are awesome! Best episode yet!

  • Ann Witherspoon

    OMG! Christina Pinto’s Chromebook login solution for her littles is ingenious!

  • Martha Lackey

    So much goodness here by Christina….wow!!! Thanks for sharing all your learning on your blog and looking forward to reading all your posts.

  • blenna patterson

    Awesome Episode! Already love Christine and have been inspired by her to jump in with my firsties! This was fabuloso!

  • Kris Armijo

    Wow! Christine Pinto has it going on! Fantastic ideas and amazing inspiration to get littles onboard! Great episode.

  • Frank Ferrara

    My plan for the upcoming school year was to try Google Classroom with my firsties; after hearing this I am definitely going to give it a try and see what we can do this year.

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