Hanging Out with Google Hangouts – GTT038

Let’s do what we do best and do a deep dive into…Google Hangouts!

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Google Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android, and Apple devices.

In schools, users must be 13+ or a Teacher can lead.

What can you do with Google Hangouts?

  • Connect with another class to share ideas and work collaboratively
  • Find a guest speaker to talk to your students
  • Go on virtual field trips
  • Attend events
  • Do the announcements
  • Virtual book club
  • Student presentations
  • Guest speakers

Google Plus communities to find people/places to call:

Things to consider:

  • Whole group call? Break into smaller groups? Pairs? Individuals?
  • Time zone … go north/south to avoid large time zone shifts.
  • Do a practice call ahead of time to check audio/video.
  • Let student passion/curiosity rule whenever possible!
  • Student-led video calls are often the best experience for everyone (even if it feels like chaos or like you don’t have control).
  • Do a debrief afterward.

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

In honor of our 1-year anniversary, we’d like to turn the podcast (episode 39) over to you! Leave us a message with your best Google tips, tricks, and ideas! (2-minute max.) Don’t forget your name and location, too.

  • Libby Knaggs (Ingram, TX) – Used Page Marker extension and loved it!
  • Jennifer Portilla (Longwood, FL) – How can I not show new students to Google Classroom all the previously posted content?

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