Unpacking Google Classroom for 2017-18 – GTT021

We’re back! Let’s see what’s new in Google Classroom for 2017-18.

Texas Needs Your Help, Y’all!

Google News and Updates (8:05)

Featured Content (15:05)

The 2017-18 school year is here and Google did not disappoint as many improvements, enhancements, and new features were added to the popular Google Classroom.

Highlights include:

  • View all student work on one page
  • Move tiles in your classes
  • Display class code in full screen
  • Teacher/student can specify which email notifications they receive

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag (20:47)

  • Miriam Bart wants to turn off Classroom notifications.
  • Amy Diamond has teachers who want to make more attractive slides
  • Lisa Byrd: DocSecrets add-on to blank out words and reveal them as you go

On The Blogs (27:37)


Don’t Mess with Google Classroom Conference
with Alice Keeler and Kasey Bell

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