Using G Suite to Improve Writing with Shaelynn Farnsworth – GTT013

Shaelynn Farnsworth, a leader in the convergence between literacy and technology, shares her insight into writing with G Suite.

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Shaelynn Farnsworth is a leader in the convergence between literacy and technology. As a high school teacher, she redefined her English classroom as not only a place to learn about literature but also explore how technology is shaping the future of communications. She continues this exploration as an Education Services Consultant for AEA 267 in Iowa. There, her primary focus is on technology, literacy, and Authentic Intellectual Work. Shaelynn is a staff developer, literacy coach, and supports districts in the implementation of initiatives. She is a Google Certified Innovator and has training in Project Based Learning from the Buck Institute, Instructional Coaching, and Reading and Writing Workshop from Lucy Calkins.

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Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

In episode 10 you asked about ways for people to submit files through Google Forms if they are outside of your domain. Since that feature is limited to use within your domain, here is a different idea that districts may want to try if they need parents or other folks to be able to submit files which get automatically saved to your Drive…

An option to consider might be to use the “Save Emails and Attachments” add-on for Google Sheets:

You can see full details on how it works here:

Basically instead of using a Form, people would send an email to a specific address (I would suggest setting up one specifically for this purpose like Emails sent to this address will trigger the add-on. Any attachments they send would be saved into a Google Drive folder you specify (which could be shared with the appropriate people for access).

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