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Discussion about using video projects with G Suite.

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In this week’s episode, we talk about some great strategies and tools for how to create video projects using Google tools.

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  • Lois Langehaug

    SimpleK12 is another way to differintiate instruction for teachers.

  • Robin Limpert

    Hi Kasey & Matt,
    Another awesome podcast today! I am actually getting my Little 3rd grade Chromies ready to begin using Screencastfy with Canva this week, so this episode was perfect for us. We are also using Google Keep for our work portfolios, so we are a huge fan of Keep, too.
    I heard Matt hint that you might be introducing Cody’s Chrome Squad to your podcast audience next, so I hope that is true! I began an elementary version of Cody Holt’s Chrome Squad (With his help!) here in Cincinnati, Ohio and have added a few gamification elements and “Chromie Acts of Kindness” to our program. I am in process of documenting our journey on my blog, sson to be an ebook, to help others that may want to try it too, –
    I know you have listeners like me that need support for our Little Chromies!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful content,
    Robin Limpert

  • Kim Pollishuke

    Hi Kasey & Matt – great discussion on using video with Slides. I was happy to hear you share how we can use Google Slides for animation. I thought I’d add that if you publish the slides to the web you can create that animated effect automatically. When you get the published URL, change the number at the end (1000) to something smaller (like 84) and it will play automatically at a much faster rate. I learned this from Sam Patterson (@SamPatue) and now when I present at EdTech Summits, it’s the session that always gets the biggest crowd. It’s so easy that even the littles can do it. 🙂

  • Andrea Rush

    You all are mind readers! I listened to the show last night on my way home, after I’ve added a Youtube video w/ slides starting at certain times and trying to find the best way to make it into a video. I found that a blog post using Screencastify – which I LOVE and have used several times. I felt so amazing after listening last night, like I was “in the know”! I’m also really interested to try to use Google Slides for animation and Al Duet.
    Our district just went 1:1 w/ Chromebooks about 2 months ago so I’m always trying to find new ways to integrate technology with something the elementary teachers can really appreciate and feel at ease using. Thank you all SO much for starting this podcast & my friend who shared it with me!

  • Susan Aplin

    Thank you so much for another great podcast. I am not normally an auditory learner, but your podcasts have me completely engaged. I think it’s the practical nature of what you are sharing.
    I wanted to reiterate how the new video features in Google Slides are so easy to use. I am a tech coach and this week I was helping an English class prepare their visuals for a big oral presentation. The students were quickly able to trim their videos, have the videos start when the slide starts, and mute the audio. Since it was so easy to use, they didn’t have to spend time learning the technology.
    Thanks again for taking the time to prepare these wonderful podcasts!

  • Diann Espinoza (Maestra Espino

    Hey there I am very impressed with all of the new ideas you are exposing me to. I am very enthusiastic to get my 7th and 8th grade science students motivated and excited about getting into doing things like go at their own pace in a hyperdoc or learn what they need to know for a video project or assessment through a Thinglink. I use Google classroom to post assignments, announcements with links to Quizlet study sets and warm-up questions. My dilema, however, is several students who can’t seem to navigate it all and understand without specific step by explicit step instruction from me personally. I have made videos that I post to the classroom to explain so they can go back over and over again if they don’t get it the first time. These students may watch once and then sit back and don’t seem to know where to start to get things done. What I need for next year starting out is some help to make a plan that introduces students to this new way of getting the content with teacher helping along side them rather than up in front all the time. My goal is to have them start with Gclassroom from the beginning of every day and know that it is their go to for what to do next so that I can be free to circulate and help kids refine projects and clear up misconceptions. Any tips?

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