We Love Our Tribe – GTT020

We’ve reached the end of Season 1 of #GTTribe! Matt and Kasey focus on your great ideas and tricks.

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I have a 3rd student that took what I taught her about using G Suite, specifically from your episode #9 about Google forms and applied it to an “Entrepreneurial” venture! She created a Google form titled- “Eliana’s Summer Pet Sitting and Mail Collection Service” then she had her mother post it to her friends to collect potential customers’ information in a Google Sheet. As you can imagine, I was beaming with pride and thought you would like to hear about this real-life application being made at such a young age. This is proof that if we spend the time to train our kids to use these creative digital tools, they will do remarkable things!

I spent this school year teaching and developing a curriculum for an elementary version of a “Chrome Squad” for our building. My goal was to develop a resource to train kids to use G Suite using basic language that kids can understand. I have a “Kids Teaching Kids” type of program which has now evolved into my kids actually teaching our busy teachers to use Google tools as well.

I started with 10 kids and now have over 30 kids in our Chrome Squad. If you are interested, I can get you more information on my ebook coming out over the summer- “Chromebooks for kids- Training your Elementary Chrome Squad.”

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  • Amy

    Hey any idea how long the certification test discount is good? I am getting married this week, so it is not really idea to take the test this week, but it is on my summer to do list.

  • Margaret Tyner

    This engaging podcast just enough to give me strategies to become more intentional about how I use Google. I like the fact that I can immediately turn around what I learn. What a privilege it is to listen to you two. Thank you so much Kasey and Matt!

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  • Heather Lovelace

    When I try to find the Doc Story Builder, I get a page that Python 2.5 is no longer available. Any resolution for this?

    • Sarah Reichard

      Apparently the platform (Python 2.5) expired. I was really looking forward to using this as well and hoping someone has an alternative suggestion.


    When I click on any of the links from the featured content- it says “the site can’t be reached” (Except for Eric Curts)
    Can you help?

    • If you’re clicking at school Twitter may be blocked.