What’s New With Youtube? – GTT022

Youtube received a few tweaks and updates at the end of Summer 2017. What does this mean for you?

Google News and Updates (4:00)

  • What’s Really Going on With Google Drive
  • Applied Digital Skills: New Lessons and RubricsThe Applied Digital Skills program recently added new lessons plans and assessment rubrics. Additionally, Applied Digital Skills is now aligned to the state standards for ten states, with more coming soon. Explore the curriculum now.
  • Earlier this summer, Google Arts & Culture launched ‘We Wear Culture’, looking at the history of fashion and the stories behind what we wear. From the story of the Sari in India and lace making in Switzerland; this project covers a wide range of designers, fashion icons and subjects. There are 6 Google Expedition tours to accompany the project.
  • Create a Culture of Innovation at Your School The beginning of the school year is a great opportunity to proactively shape the culture of your school, and a culture of innovation can amplify the impact of technology. Take advantage of this time to nurture an environment where teachers are encouraged to take risks and try new things in order to better serve students. Use this guide to access guiding principles and actionable tips for creating a culture of innovation among teachers and staff.
  • Embed on Google Sites

Featured Content (16:40)

  • What’s New In YouTube?
    • Got a new look and features on Aug. 29 – highlights
      • Lots of updates to mobile – Watch this video
      • Google for Education on YouTube
      • EDU in 90 on YouTubeWant to keep tabs on the latest updates from Google for Education, but don’t have much time? Check out EDU in 90, a new video series from Google for Education. Each episode, we focus on an important topic for educators, administrators, and school leaders – things like product updates, new programs, and helpful resources for the classroom. Subscribe to the Google for Education YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss an episode.
      • Episode 2: What’s New in Classroom
      • New embed options
      • New look and feel
      • Open transcript
      • Dark theme great for whole class watching in the dark
      • GTT on YT

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag (27:01)

On The Blogs (32:04)

Don’t Mess with Google Classroom Conference with Alice Keeler and Kasey Bell

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  • Dede Woods

    Thanks for another great podcast! I always learn so much. I have a question about Google Docs. I have noticed recently that some of my students have different icons on their tool bars in Google Docs, not all students, just some. At first I thought maybe it was an update, but it isn’t showing up on my Google Docs. Then I thought it might be because they were using a different browser. Some were using Edge. When I try Google Docs on Edge on my computer, it looks the same as when I access it in Chrome. I have searched Google and can’t find any mention of this. Do you have any ideas? The hard part is helping my students correctly format their docs because I don’t recognize the icons! Thanks for any insight you can offer.

  • Cara Wilmot

    Great Podcast. I have been learning a lot. I know you are reaching many teachers. Kasey, I am glad you mentioned the transcript and captions feature. I just wish you would encourage everyone to use captions ALL the time. They make media accessible for ALL. They help students learn to read. 80% of the people who use captions do NOT have a hearing loss. They benefit more than just students who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you post a video on Youtube with captions, then it increase viewing of the video by 13%. As teachers, it is the law that we use accessible media. We should not be using videos unless they are captioned. Check out this webinar about Why Captions? http://www.cast.org/whats-new/events/2017/05/beginning-with-the-why-an-introduction-to-closed-captioning.html#.WcENetOGOlN